What is Shipping Management – Everything You Need to Know

Running an online retailer requires a tremendous understanding of the shipping process. Whether you own a business that sells to individual customers or brick and mortar retailers, you need to have a strong sense of shipping management. Today we’ll be focusing on the latter.

But what is shipping management? And what goes into making it effective and efficient?

If these are things you want to know, continue reading. We’re going to dive into what it is and its different components.

What is shipping management?

Shipping management, more formally known as shipping logistics, is the act of overseeing the process of your products’ movement through your supply chain. It’s ultimately to help ensure everything runs smoothly from both inbound and outbound shipments. It is a method of shipping optimization that all top companies utilize.

How it’s Done

Now that you know what it is, it’s time to find out how the job is done. We’re going to dive into the two main parts of the shipping management/logistics process.

Shipping logistics can start in the warehouse with the simple act of inventory tracking, so a company knows how many products are coming in and what’s leaving. That is part of both the inbound and outbound logistics process.

Both processes also include tracking the route a shipment will take to ensure it arrives at its destination on time and in one piece. It may also include choosing the route and the style of transport it will take, such as freight, ship, or truck.

Both of these tasks are commonly performed by automation to help optimize the process. When it comes to shipping management and logistics, everything centers around optimization. Automating key components can help prevent oversight.

How You Can Implement Shipping Logistics

If you’re curious about how to implement shipping management techniques into your company, keep reading.

Utilize an inventory tracking system that monitors both inbound and outbound shipments. Whether it’s a predominately automated system or one where you have to enter the information by hand, this is the first step to successful shipping management.

Another thing you will want to instill in yourself and your shipping department is a thorough understanding of transport style and routes. That will ultimately allow you to choose the best method for your product and its set destination. There are automated programs available to help with this, and a bit of online research will also lead you in the right direction.

These two things might seem simple, but implementing them into your already existing routine can feel daunting and cause many mishaps during the learning stages. If you want to avoid that, outsource to a 3PL (third-party logistics) company. They will handle everything that we just mentioned above.

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