Logistics drives good business

Overflo provides superior logistics management for clients

sea containersSelling products only works when the goods are delivered on time to the proper location, and only a solid logistics system can drive an effective distribution service.

Overflo provides superior logistics management for clients, designing and managing the transportation and order fulfillment that gets products from receiving to end point fast and intact.
Our warehousing logistics services are designed around “The Baltimore” hub and incorporate trucking, rail and container transportation, complete inventory tracking and control, and order selection and packing, all under one roof.

We offer third-party logistics services that draw on years of experience and service to growing businesses: many of our customers start small and quickly grow in size. Over the years, we grow with them, ensuring that companies never experience the “growing pains” of demand outmatching the ability for the company to supply.

Overflo’s logistics services draw on a host of value-added services and systems. We offer computerized inventory control and monitoring that helps us track in detail products coming in and out of the warehouse for each customer. Our heavy-duty cranes, 20 rail doors and 100-truck doors. Overflo has packaged and crated thousands of orders and shipments over the years, and can pick, pack, label and handle multi-packs with ease. The equipment, the experience and the systems that work drive Overflo’s logistics management services.