Transportation that’s easy. Inventory that flows. Delivery that’s on time.

Overflo’s distribution services hum with state-of-the-art inventory tracking and a transportation network designed for reliability. The reason is simple: Overflo provides superior distribution and logistics services for our warehouse clients because our success depends on their success. Overflo acts as a distribution center for the customers who use our over 2 million square feet of warehouse space, arranging transportation of goods to our warehouse, tracking inventory for goods and managing the distribution of products to points throughout the continental US.

Our customers could use any number of distribution companies, but choose instead to depend on Overflo’s years of experience as a distribution center. Through the years, we’ve provided logistics and distribution services for some of the largest retailers in the country, major import/export companies and small businesses that deliver products across the US.


Our distribution services start from the moment our customers need a managing company. Overflo handles the receipt, control, sorting, selecting and packaging, order selection and end delivery of goods and products with a qualified team of experts who use the latest technology in managing thousands of products that flow through our doors each day. We use the latest technology to track product delivery, order fulfillment and end-point transportation.

Overflo uses both EDI and XML communications, enabling us to integrate with the inventory management systems of any size client. Overflo uses a proprietary software system that allows us to create forms and inventory tracking processes based on each client’s existing system – there’s no changes to make, no new software to integrate and no hassle.

Overflo manages transportation for rail, truck and container shipments, including oversized containers and shipments, US customs storage and handling and alcohol beverage storage. We handle 10,000 import/export containers each year, providing local drayage services: Overflo picks up containers once they’re cleared for customers, transports the containers to the warehouse, offloads and returns the containers back to the pier. Our trucking fleet delivers daily throughout the Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia area, and we’ve developed relationships with other truckers and carriers for our customers that need goods delivered outside our delivery area.