At Overflo, our warehousing services are about more than just storing goods and products.

warehousingWith over 2 million square feet of state-of-the-art warehouse space at 10 locations, Overflo not only provides space for a variety of goods and products but also works individually with each client to create a storage solution that works.

Our clients get more than just space: they get targeted, focused service designed to provide a public warehousing solution that works for each company’s specific needs. Our guiding principle – we keep our customer’s customers happy – means we work one-on-one with each client, providing convenience, flexibility and cost-effective warehousing solutions to a variety of industries, including import/export, retail companies, food and alcohol distributors and pharmaceutical companies.

For more than 30 years, Overflo has made its core business managing and operating warehousing and distribution. For us, warehousing logistics takes center stage. You’ll find a company that has created a seamless process from product delivery to product transportation, one that enables our clients to grow their business.

Our warehousing service provides clean, dry storage space and focuses on providing related services – handling, pallet services, stretch wrap and labeling – through our logistics solution. We work individually with each customer to develop a program that works for their needs. Several of our clients lease our public warehousing space and operate the distribution of goods themselves. But many of our customers choose to use our warehousing logistics services, allowing Overflo to receive products, inspect, inventory, palletize, store in our warehouse and maintain inventory with our state-of-the-art inventory system.

All Overflo warehouses are fire and burglary monitored.

We offer 30-foot high ceilings on one floor. We’re licensed by the state of Maryland for the storage of alcohol products. We offer food-grade warehousing. We are an ASI/AIB certified food-grade warehouse. Our food storage techniques meet the high standards of cleanliness and sanitation required by ASI/AIB.  To ensure that our public warehousing space continues to meet the highest level of safety and security, we run a continuous safety and sanitation program.

To meet the goals of many of our public and contract warehousing clients, Overflo also offers logistics, distribution and fulfillment services.