Warehousing Trends

If you are a large or small business owner, keep reading. Whether it be industry trends or customer demands, you need to know what is currently happening in the warehousing industry.

The information you garner from staying up to date can provide you with the answers you need to further the success of your business.

AI Continues to Rise

Artificial intelligence, or automated systems rather, continues to climb the ranks in use. Like the rest of the world, the warehousing industry is continually moving into the evolving digital age.

New technologies are in constant creation to further help streamline warehousing practices. Everything is about efficiency.

Labor Shortages Are Still Prevalent

We have reached a point in a post-pandemic culture where things are returning to normal. Although that is true, the nation is still struggling with labor shortages. The warehousing industry is no exception. This information was proven in an article from Modern Shipper by Brian Straight earlier this year.

“According to a new survey from Instawork, which provides flexible staffing to businesses of all types including those in the warehouse and distribution, 75% of light industrial businesses don’t feel fully prepared for 2022, and 60% struggled to keep pace with increased demand last year.” (Straight 2022, para 2)

This fact does not mean that every warehousing company is struggling and can not meet your company’s goals. It is simply a piece of information to help you choose the perfect warehousing company for your business.

Omnichannel Is In Demand

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest supply chain trends, you are most likely familiar with the omnichannel concept. But if you are new to the warehousing and supply chain arena, let us break down this concept for you. Omnichannel, specifically omnichannel fulfillment, is the act of using various selling channels integratively to fulfill customer orders and needs.

Shoppers want two things that omnichannel fulfillment provides. One of those includes the ability to shop from any platform.

Whether it is an online store, social media, or brick-and-mortar, each serves a unique purpose for individual customers.

Omnichannel fulfillment also allows customers to perform tasks such as buying online and returning in-store. Everything omnichannel has to offer prioritizes the great vast of customer needs. Whereas previous fulfillment models catered to a company and its products.

Sustainability Is What Every Client Wants

As the climate continues to rise, so does the demand for more sustainable warehousing and fulfillment practices. Clients are looking for warehouses that prioritize the health of our planet while still being able to meet modern world goals.

Sustainability can come in the form of more eco-friendly shipping materials. Or it can come in the form of choosing a distribution method that leaves less of a carbon footprint.

Shoppers are also looking for sustainability within their online shopping experience. An option such as choosing to have items arrive in fewer boxes is a great example.

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