How Distribution Centers Can Protect Workers From Covid

When COVID-19 first came sweeping through our nation, many retail consumers turned to strictly online ordering. As the virus and its variants continue to rage on, online purchasing will continue to grow. Buying daily necessities and frivolous purchases online reduces the consumer’s risk of exposure. Although online shopping is safer, it is not a foolproof plan. To ensure the safety of the country’s consumers, we must also protect our distribution center workers.

There are various articles of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and procedures that distribution workers should wear and follow. The following tips and tactics may be hard work, but they are crucial if we want to slow the spread.

PPE Workers Need to Wear

Distribution workers need to wear personal protective equipment for the safety of themselves and the consumers. The workers should wear PPE that reduces the transference of germs from themselves to the products.


The CDC recommends that individuals wear masks in all public settings. There are various kinds of masks on the market, but not all are created equal. The CDC recommends masks that meet the following four pieces of criteria.

  • Have Two or More Layers of Washable Fabric
  • Covers Both The Nose and Mouth
  • Fits Snuggly Against The Face With No Gaps
  • A Securable Nose Piece

The criteria mentioned above reduce the inhalation of airborne germs and as well as transference.


The CDC recommends that people should wear gloves during cleaning and when caring for a sick individual. It is also best to wear gloves when handling merchandise or packages. Unlike masks, gloves are meant to protect the consumer more than the worker. Disposable gloves are preferable.

Procedures Workers and Employers Need to Follow

The following section is not only for production line workers. Slowing the spreads requires the efforts of everyone in the distribution center. That includes the employers and upper-management.

Sanitizing Hands and Equipment

After touching something with bare hands, the individual must wash or sanitize their hands. All equipment that is touched throughout the day must be sanitized after closing. It is also ideal for sanitization to take place periodically throughout the day.

Social Distancing

Every individual who enters the building must remain six feet apart. Standing and stationary positions will benefit from having appropriately placed markings on the floor.

Staying or Going Home When Sick

If a worker finds themself experiencing Covid like symptoms before coming to work, they should stay home. Workers must also be sent home if they begin experiencing symptoms while on the job.


Although our country is officially a year into the Covid pandemic, continuing to train workers on the proper protocol is necessary. Here are few ways to encourage workers to follow protocols.

Create a Manual

A manual or employee handbook that lists your warehouse’s Covid protocols could greatly benefit the workers. They can read and refer back to it anytime they need a refresher.

Educate Them on the Importance

Showing the workers data and statistics related to Covid could have a profound impact on the way they conduct themselves. Making them aware of the benefits of PPE and regular updates diagnosed numbers may encourage them to follow the protocols.

Supervise and Guide

Often, managerial staff rather stay inside their offices; this has to change. During this time of protocol enforcement, you will need to supervise your staff and be on the floor to guide them. You must ensure that all measures are being taken to protect your workers and the consumers.

Here at Overflo, we value our workers and consumers. We want to help slow the spread. If you need a distribution center, contact us for more information and a free quote at (800) 626-061600 or at Overflo is the place for space!