How to Streamline Distribution

In today’s current climate, you must be innovative and fast to run a successful business. And that goes for every aspect of your company, including distribution. If you sell a tangible product and feel like your supply chain needs revamping, consider streamline distribution.

These three tips are the beginning steps to ensuring your distribution methods are meeting today’s high standards.

Assess Your Current Method

If you’re thinking of streamlining your distribution process, it may be because you believe there are fundamental gaps in your current method. That is why you should do an overall assessment of your current process.

Note the things you believe work and catalog what needs improvement.

Taking time to assess your current method will give you the information you need to start mapping out a new distribution process.

Centralize and Manage Supply Operations

Centralizing your supply chain operations can look differently depending on your current situation and needs. You can do this both physically and virtually.

For some, it may be wise to create a closer and easier to access supply chain. That may mean you need to work with local companies and facilities.

For others, it can be as simple as implementing a universal supply chain inventory tracking system that provides all the information you need from each step in the chain. You should be able to keep track of your inventory from production to warehousing to distribution. Losing track of inventory between the individual steps can cause substantial oversights. Those potential oversights may be preventing you from having a seamless process currently.

After you assess your current distribution and supply chain process, it will be easy to determine which of these centralizing methods your company should choose.

Work with Industry Professionals

If you’re newer to the business arena or have tried to remedy your distribution problems previously, it may be wise to speak with other industry professionals.

That could mean discussing the issues with fellow business owners that you know or outsourcing to a company.

The latter is where a 3PL could be beneficial.

3PL stands for third-party logistics company. They typically handle supply chain processes such as warehousing, distribution, and logistics.

Speaking to a 3PL company and utilizing their services can help take the guessing work out of streamlining your distribution in an in-house setting. Traditionally, they will have years of experience that they can use to help you solve your common mishaps and oversights.

A 3PL can also save you money in the long run by requiring less investment. You will not have to purchase new software or equipment to fix the current problems in your distribution process.

Asking and enlisting the help of other professionals is a wise and fast way to ensure you are always on track to meet your company’s goals.

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