Managing Holiday Shipping and Distribution Delays

The holiday season is here, folks! That means shopping is on the rise. It also means holiday shipping and distribution can slow down.

Due to the mass number of shipments that happen during this crazy wonderful season, companies have a more troublesome time getting their products delivered in a timely manner.

But not all hope is lost – there are a few ways you can guarantee your customers and retailers are happy!

To ensure you have a happy and lucrative holiday season, here are our three tips for combating shipping and distribution delays during the holidays.

Look Out For Your Customers

If you have a popular and in-demand product, chances are retailers want you on their shelves asap! One of the best ways to ensure satisfaction from the retailer and the potential holiday shopper is by encouraging them to purchase early.

Send out a professional email to your selected retailers and inform them of the struggles of holiday distribution. Let them know that the sooner they order, the more likely they are to receive their products before the Christmas shopping rush.

The same goes for individual customers buying directly from your website. We recommend sending out a catchy newsletter urging them to buy sooner rather than later.

Looking out for your customers’ and clients’ best interests creates a trusting relationship between you and the consumer. It’s a sure-fire way to secure future sales!

Expect The Unexpected

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunate things can still happen. You can keep your spirits high by expecting the unexpected!

Set up a game plan, so if scheduling falls through, you can still ensure the happiness of your clients and customers.

Your game plan could include the following.

  • Offering discounts on future orders.
  • Sending out a sincere apology email.
  • Promise to prioritize a client’s shipment in the future.

Although these game plan ideas are not an immediate fix, it lets the clients and customers know that you understand their frustration. Doing your best to rectify the delays speaks volumes on the behalf of your company.

Implement The Fastest Distribution Model

Combat your distribution woes with a faster transport model!

In our last article, we discussed the differences between truck and rail distribution. We discovered that each distribution model has its pros and cons, including faster transportation times depending on the situation.

Rail is preferable when your distribution shipment is going long distances, such as cross-country.

Truck transport is better for shipments that may face multiple obstructions or those that are going shorter distances.

Once you figure out the delivery address and where the train or truck will be traveling, you can then decide. You may also opt for dual-module transport.

You can refer to our last article for a full breakdown of these distribution models!

Overflo Makes Distribution Simple!

Let Overflo help you combat those pesky holiday shipping and distribution delays.

We can make the holidays easier for your company – contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about our services!