Fulfillment Services and What They can do for Your Company Image

In today’s time, with social media, abundant news coverage, and easy communication technology, image is everything for a company’s success. Part of that image is how your products arrive to your clients and customers. If you’re looking to improve the image of your business and avoid common shipping blunders, consider these fulfillment services!

Pack and Kitting Assembly

You may know what packing is, but have you ever thought about or heard of kitting assembly? If this term is new to you, no worries, we’ll explain!

Kitting is a method in which a shipment packer will place products or an item that arrives in separate pieces together.

A good example is if your brand sells bundles of products, whether that’s different products or bulk packs for club stores.

The packer will choose all of the items that belong in that bundle and package them together neatly and securely. It’s one less step you have to worry about in the process. And it can add a more professional look to the package.

Stretch Wrapping and Bubble Wrap

Broken goods are a fast way to get a bad review, especially if the customer or client can tell you didn’t package your products appropriately. If damaged goods are a common complaint about your company, consider wrapping your materials with stretch and bubble wrapping.

These materials can secure your product in place and prevent damage from bouncing around during its transport.

So consider these for your next group of shipments – you never know, it may just bump up your company’s rating.

Offering More Shipping Options

Depending on the location of your customer or client, one shipping option may work better than another. By offering more shipping options, you can reach a broader clientele.

As business owners, it’s time to realize there’s more than just USPS for domestic shipment. There’s also UPS, FEDEX, and RPS.

Some reasons a client or customer may choose one of these shipping companies as opposed to the typical USPS include the following.

  • Cost
  • Delivery Time
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability

The first three may seem obvious, but the last one on this list (sustainability) is a growing need and trend amongst consumers. By offering more options, the consumer or client can choose the shipping option that best suits their sustainability goals.

If you broaden your shipping options, you will broaden your horizons. Retailer shoppers and potential clients everywhere will thank you for it!


Samples can come in many different shapes and sizes. And no matter what type of retail business you have, they are a great add-on that your clients and customers will appreciate.

Samples are more than just a thank you, they’re also meant as product and company promotion. It’s part of how you can guarantee your customers will come back for more.

By offering samples, you allow your clients and customers to try a broader range of your products. And they can even share them with friends! It will only do your company good.

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