How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction with a 3PL

Customer satisfaction ratings can make or break a business in our social-media-driven world. Yelp reviews, Facebook comments, and complimentary tweets are the fuel that keeps sales rising. Knowing how to keep your rating up and review glowing is the challenge.

Have you considered how a 3PL may be able to help you ensure customer satisfaction?

With the variety of services 3PLs offer, ensuring customer satisfaction can be 10x easier! Overflo is here to break down the three reasons you should work with a 3PL to ensure customer satisfaction.

Distribution and Return Management

Optimization is the ultimate goal of every third-party logistics company available. One significant way they ensure optimization is by having smoothly-ran distribution and return management.

One of the biggest customer complaints almost any company will receive is wanting to get their orders faster. But there is one thing worse than that, which customers loathe. That is slow return processing. Customers demand one of two things in a timely manner, their money back or a new product shipped out immediately. The smoother return process you have, the quicker these actions can occur.

With the established services and knowledge 3PLs have, you are bound to improve your distribution and return management. It’s an instantaneous way to improve your company’s customer satisfaction rate.

Proper Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and assembly is the act of putting products together for order fulfillment that arrive at the warehouse in separate pieces. Orders that need kitting assembly can include a variety of things, such as bulk orders, furniture, specialized kits, and so much more.

With the amount of process efficiency 3PLs contain, they know how to properly kit and assemble orders so they arrive exactly as customers are promised. Their access to expensive automated systems makes that process optimal.

If you’re new to the business world or don’t have the funds to supply yourself with automated equipment. This service is fantastic for you. Your customers will enjoy the nicely assembled package arriving at their doorstep.

Industry Knowledge

Last but not least, a trusted third-party logistics company will have industry knowledge that can take the average business owner years to obtain.

Whether it’s logistics, inventory management, the best distribution methods, or anything in between, they can guide you in the right direction.

They will collaborate with you to come up with the best plans of action to ensure you and your customers are always satisfied. Their knowledge promotes a smoother operation, and in turn, your customers will benefit.

Overflo is Here to Help build your Customer Satisfaction!

Are you on the hunt for a 3PL that services businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic Area? If so, Overflo is here to help you!

We offer a variety of services in the distribution, fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics industry. With our years of industry-leading experience and state-of-the-art automation systems, there isn’t anything we can’t assist you with. Our services will help ensure that you and your customers are always satisfied.

Work towards your goal of ultimate customer satisfaction by contacting Overflo today for a free rate quote!