Black Friday Warehousing Mistakes to Avoid

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is steadily approaching, and Black Friday will soon follow. The after-feast retail extravaganza, known as Black Friday, is a critical time for retailers and companies nationwide and beyond.

In a company’s history, some of the most significant profits can emerge from this day alone.

But despite Black Friday’s major profit making, it also comes with many setbacks that many new business owners may not anticipate. Overflo is here to break down the top four things to expect with Black Friday warehousing matters, from shipping delays to customer complaints.


Delays are one of the biggest hassles warehouses and businesses have to handle during the Black Friday and holiday season. These can be basic shipping delays to items becoming backed up in customs. The surplus of purchases worldwide during this time of year has a months-long impact on everyone.

Providing premier customer service is the best way to get ahead of the problem. Customers appreciate clear communication and transparency about matters, especially regarding receiving their products. Inform them ahead of time that their products may arrive later than your usual shipping times. Ensure that you inform of why and how extensively the holidays can affect small business shipping.

Shipping Mishaps

Due to it being a more chaotic time for both retailers and shipping companies, shipping mishaps are abound during the season. Some shipping mishaps you may see more frequently during this time are broken items (due to poor handling), lost packages, and, as previously stated, delays.

You can avoid most of these shipping mishaps but preemptively taking action. That means ensuring all packages are safely and securely placed in their boxes or mailers. You can also avoid lost packages by shipping in plain packaging (which reduces porch theft), utilizing parcel insurance, and communicating with customers.

Product Shortages

Another problem you can expect to encounter during Black Friday sales is product shortages, but not in the traditional sense of the term. Black Friday product shortage can occur due to a lack of understanding of product demand. That is caused by poor planning and sales tracking. You must gain information on your top-selling products to avoid quickly depleting your stocks during sales.

Avoiding Black Friday product shortages takes studying and planning. You need to be well-acquainted with your products and customer base.

Increase in Customer Complaints

With product shortages, shipping delays, and shipping mishaps increasing, customer complaints are sure to ensue. And the truth is, in recent years, companies have already struggled to manage customer service.

As previously stated throughout this article, clear communication with your customers is critical. The only way to curve customer complaints is through planning and communication. If you know there is a potential for mishaps during the Black Friday and Holiday shopping season, you need to forwarn your customers at checkout. If you become aware of a shipment delay before the customer does, you must inform them.

Communicate with your customers and clients, and you will avoid the headache and potential financial losses of mounting customer complaints.

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