How Good Lighting Improves Warehouse Safety and Productivity

Warehouse Safety

There are many factors that determine how safe and productive a warehouse is. They all have some level of importance, but one of the most significant factors is warehouse lighting. A well-lit warehouse is a well-functioning warehouse, and it's amazing how much subtle changes can dramatically transform a space. Let's take a look at how lighting improves warehouse safety and productivity.

Prevent Accidents in the Warehouse

Warehouse safety requires thorough training, maintained equipment, effective organization and – you guessed it – good lighting. Think about your personal home. In the dark, you're ore likely to bump into a piece of furniture, even though you know where it is. The same happens in a warehouse. Workers are more likely to bump into shelves, knock over products, or run into items in the aisles if the space is not lit well. Good warehouse lighting reduces the risk of accidents, which protects the workers and the business as a whole.

This is particularly true for slip and fall hazards. Lighting ensures that workers see the spills when they occur, and that they can be cleaned in detail. There is no way to fully eliminate accidents in a warehouse, but having an efficient cleaning system reduces their effects on the team. The warehouse lighting is just as important as the cleaning plan itself.

Avoid Time-Consuming Errors

Every time the wrong product is picked, packed, stocked, mislabeled, etc., it creates a delay in the warehouse. Those delays cost the company time and money. Believe it or not, something as simple as improving the lighting can reduce errors considerably. Workers can see better, so they're less likely to misread labels or misplace inventory. That all adds up to better workflow in the end.

Protect Products from Getting Damaged

One of the biggest responsibility a warehouse has is protecting the products within it. These products belong to clients who rely on them to earn a living. If the products get damaged, it's not only the warehouse losing money. The clients lose it as well. That's why warehouse safety is so important, because it prevents events that could damage the products in the facility. Better lighting means fewer opportunities to lose or damage products.

Reduce the Strain on Worker's Eyesight

The human body is designed to adjust to its environment. If employees are put in poorly lit areas, their eyes will learn to adjust. This will cause strain on their eyes that could lead to poor eyesight, headaches, poor posture, and more. Improving the warehouse lighting keeps the health risks to a minimum, thereby helping the long-term safety in the warehouse.

Lower Energy Costs

While this is not an improvement on warehouse safety or productivity, it is yet another benefit of good lighting. Old warehouse lighting may require additional power to support, which means more money spent on electricity. A quick upgrade will keep these costs down, freeing up more money for other forms of warehouse improvement.

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