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With mega corporations now offering options like same-day delivery, it can be difficult for smaller companies to compete.  While you may not be able to offer the same level of convenience as certain organizations, you can definitely find ways to make your order fulfillment process more efficient in order to best serve your customers.  Here are a few steps you can take to make sure that your warehouse’s order fulfillment is optimized and on point.

Coordinate for Batch Picking

Sending runners for single items is a waste of time and money.  If you want to expedite the process, group pickups into batches so that a worker going to one area of the warehouse can snag multiple items on each trip, significantly increasing efficiency.

Naturally, this is made possible by having the right software solutions in place.  You need a program that tracks incoming orders and coordinates for you so you can quickly and easily assign runners for batch picking, and even add to their pickup after they’ve departed for a specific zone.

Consider Light Direction Technologies

New technologies can increase convenience for workers and the overall efficiency of your operation simultaneously.  In crowded warehouses, it’s not uncommon for pickers to waste precious time searching for items once they reach the correct aisle, even if they have specific data like shelving or bin numbers.

With light direction technology, items ready for pickup can be illuminated so pickers know exactly what to grab when they arrive.  This helps to speed processing and eliminate picking errors that waste time or lead to customer disappointment.

Account for Seasonal Trends

You may notice, from year to year, that certain seasons see an uptick in orders for certain items.  Spring is prime time for ordering swimwear, while the onset of winter heralds increasing demand for holiday decorations, for example.  You should always group popular, seasonal items together for easier order fulfillment, and ideally, move them to the front of the warehouse prior to uptick in demand.

Be Choosy with Your Downstream

Working with other vendors is just part of doing business.  Most companies simply don’t have the bandwidth (or desire) to manage end-to-end operations, which is why you may want to consider outsourcing to reliable professionals that can get your products to distributors and customers.

For one thing, you’re not likely to start a shipping company, which means you need a service to get your goods from point A to point B, at the very least.  You not only want to look for conveniences like online ordering and shipping label printing, but also a regular pickup schedule to keep you on track for speedy delivery.

In truth, even if you have a warehouse, you might want to consider teaming with a larger fulfillment service that can store your goods in other warehouse locations in order to better serve your consumer base.  Fast and efficient fulfillment is made easier when goods are closer to the people ordering them.

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