Warehouse Training Strategies That Set Workers up for Success

In the world of warehousing and distribution, efficiency and productivity are crucial to the overall success of a business. Not only does this impact the success of the actual warehouse, but it also influences the success of the clients relying on the warehouse for storage and order fulfillment. One of the keys to maximizing productivity levels is to have the proper training strategies in place. Here are some examples of how good warehouse training can help employees do better at their jobs.

Cross Train Workers to Cover Multiple Areas

The best workers in a warehouse are the ones that can adapt to nearly any job they're asked to do. Every person has a set of skills that he or she excels at, but that does not mean that you should limit your employees to working in one area of the warehouse. Cross-train your warehouse workers to handle a wide range of services, and your entire business will run more efficiently. This is especially true for high-demand shopping seasons where most of your laborers are new and minimally trained. If one of them calls in sick, your cross-trained employees will be able to fill in with ease.

Learn from Effective Team Leaders

If your warehouse is set up in crews, you may notice that some crews perform better than others. Analyze what the team leaders are doing in those groups to make them so successful. What is driving their productivity levels? How could their success transfer to other crews and other leaders? The more adaptive you can be as a unit, the more your warehouse will thrive.

Other Services Used in Addition to Order Fulfillment

It often makes more sense to store your products in the same warehouse that is processing the orders for you. That way, everything is easily available to the pickers and packers that are conducting the fulfillment. You can usually save money by combining these services because the products do not have to change hands as much. This also reduces the risk of human error and makes it easier for you to keep track of your shipments.

Organize the Warehouse for Maximum Efficiency

Successful warehousing requires constant re-organization. High-demand products should be easy to access so pickers can fulfill orders on the fly. The inventory management system should be updated in real time to reflect changes made in product placement and availability. Ask your employees what organization techniques you could implement to make their jobs easier, and find ways to meet their needs.

Encourage Your Teams and Maintain a High Morale

Happy workers are better workers. It's as simple as that. If your team members feel respected, enthusiastic, and supported, they will naturally work more efficiently. Reward outstanding laborers with time off or special prizes that are worth putting in the extra effort for. A simple employee of the month contest is a good start but it's an even better start if the winner gets a gift card for a family dinner at a nice restaurant. Whatever money you spend on prizes will quickly be returned in productivity.

Recognize When Your Employees Are Overworked

Overworked employees are not nearly as productive as well-rested ones. Consider this when you start making the schedule for the month or when someone requests extra overtime. If you think the person can realistically handle the stress and put in a good day of work, approve it. If he or she seems tired, fatigued and physically drained, recommend taking a day or two off to reboot.

Emphasize the Importance of Safety

afety is of the upmost importance in any warehouse. Your employees should be trained and retrained on safety protocols regularly to reduce accidents and keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible. If you notice a safety concern, address it early on so it does not become a hazard later on. This includes frequent equipment inspections to ensure your forklifts, conveyer belts, vehicles and more are all operating like they're supposed to. With proper safety and the other strategies mentioned above, you can enjoy years of success in your warehouse.

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