Top tips to help you streamline warehousing and fulfillment for your business

On-demand shipping and instant customer gratification is the name of the game these days. "Lightning fast" delivery speeds might have been all the rage just a few years ago but today's customers want their goods even faster and in order to meet that demand, companies must step up their warehousing and fulfillment games.

Same-day shipping and two-day shipping (It'll take two whole days to get my package?) is part of the everyday commerce world and while companies are used to it, it also means consumer expectations will only continue to increase and one of the best ways to keep up with the consumer Joneses is to dial in warehouse and fulfillment processes to meet your company's specific needs.

With efficient strategies in place you will see significant improvement in delivery speed and a more organized and energy-driven work environment. There's no need to rush out and hire more staff to ramp up operations speed; it's all about streamlining. Here are some of the top tips to making your warehouse processes run like a top.

Grant Customers the Power

With consumer demand at an all-time high and rising, it is almost a guarantee you have encountered, or soon will, impatient customers who call and email over and over with questions about their order. Fielding all those questions takes a lot of time that you don't have. Solve the problem by letting the customers handle it themselves. Incorporate a system allowing them to track packages shipping and delivery dates either via their product receipt or directly through your company website. With that task off your plate, you have more time to process additional orders.

Staff a Laser-Sharp Inventory Manager

With inventory in flux every second of the day, it is imperative you have someone in charge of it all that is up to the task. Choose wisely and select someone with direct experience in e-commerce and order fulfillment processes with the chops to subsequently hire and manage a strong team to make it all happen. It is also important for your manager to fully understand effective streamlined warehouse practices and order fulfillment software.

Leverage Technology

To quickly ramp up your warehouse and fulfillment processes, investigate smart technologies available in your industry. Once implemented, new technology can drastically increase the pace of manufacturing. One downside, however, is that some robotic technologies can eliminate traditional worker positions.

However, long-term benefits provided by mobile collaboration through automation is now available to companies of all sizes and this type of technology is a valuable tool in ensuring your company is prepared to accommodate an evolving customer base

An Inspired Workforce Wins

A day working the floor of a busy order fulfillment facility is a tough, demanding job and poor labor practices are not uncommon in some industries. You can change that by staffing reliable workers and providing them with specific and achievable goals. These workers are the final link between your product and the customer; with a favorable work environment and competitive salary you can ensure quality remains a priority.

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