Should I Get More Warehouse Space?

Needing more space is not a bad sign. In fact, it's an indicator that you are growing as a business and you have new demands to meet. With that in mind, you don't want to grow so quickly that you end up paying for empty space. How can you find a balance between your current and future needs? In this guide, we will explain how to determine when you need more warehouse space.

Use Data Analysis to Project Future Needs

Data analysis is crucial for most business operations. For the sake of warehouse space, data analysis is necessary to make predictions about future needs. Based on your current sales, what are your projects for next year and five years from now? Will your current warehouse accommodate those long-term needs? Can you scale as you grow, or are you stuck in a static environment?

At Overflo, we provide scalable inventory storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. As your business continues to flourish, we have the space to house your inventory. You will only pay for the space you need, and we can adjust your contract to suit your business in the future.

Consider Past Problems with Warehouse Space

Have you ever run into issues with warehouse space? Maybe you needed to restock a certain product for a seasonal sale, but you just didn't have the room for it. That's a fairly good indication that you need more inventory space. If these needs only occur seasonally, talk to your warehouse about that. Explain that you only need the extra room during a short time of year. They may be able to adjust your contract so you don't pay for empty shelves during the off season.

Think about Product Accessibility

Warehouse planning is a delicate artform. It's not just a matter of having enough shelf space to house all the products. It's also about having accessible shelf space to fulfill the orders. Talk to your warehouse about the order fulfillment process – how much room they need to view, pick and pack all your orders in a timely manner. If the current organization structure does not allow for efficient order fulfillment, having room may be better for your customers. They would get their orders faster, and most likely return for more in the future. That means more money for you.

Can You Afford NOT to Have More Warehouse Space?

At the end of the day, you need to think of what your business truly needs. Yes, the extra warehouse space will be an added investment. That investment may be necessary to keep your business operating efficiently. If you don't have space to put new products on the shelves, it won't matter how high your sales are. People will soon lose interest and go somewhere else. Get enough room to grow while still being realistic with your projections. The staff here at Overflo will be there for you every step of the way.

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