The 5 Most Popular Warehousing Jobs in America

If someone says "I work in a warehouse," he or she could be referring to a wide range of jobs. From the office staff to the forklift operators, it takes a whole team to keep a warehouse running efficiently and effectively. Whether you want to work in a distribution center or you just want to understand a little more about the work involved, the list below will show you some of the most popular warehousing jobs in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Material Movers and Freight Laborers

When most people think about working in a warehouse, they picture people on the freight line. That's because stockers, freight handlers, and material movers make up the largest number of warehousing jobs in the U.S. There are approximately 2.4 million freight laborers throughout the country, though only 187,370 of them work in warehousing and storage. The others work in department stores, merchant wholesalers, freight trucking, and more. Warehousing accounts for more than 1 in 4 material mover jobs in the country. These jobs are most popular in coastal regions, near commonly-used shipping ports.

Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators

Truck and tractor operators make up the second largest portion of the warehousing industry. There are 521,840 truck and tractor operators in America, though only 92,070 of them work in warehousing and storage. Warehousing represents nearly 13% of this job force. The highest employment levels for this occupation are in the eastern parts of the country, as well as California and Washington. California employs the highest number of operators overall, with 55,160 working in this state alone.

Stock Clerks and Order Fillers

Stock clerks and order fillers make up another important sector of the warehousing industry, representing 55,790 workers. This job goes well beyond warehouses and distribution centers though, with stock clerks working everywhere from grocery stores to department stores and more. In total, there are 1.9 million order fillers in America, but the majority of them work in stores. Since there are a limited number of warehouses that provide order fulfillment services in the country, the need for these workers in warehousing isn't quite as strong as it may be in the future.

Shipping and Receiving Clerks

Shipping and receiving clerks work at the frontlines of a warehouse, making sure that products get in and out of the distribution center in a timely and orderly fashion. There are 661,530 shipping and receiving workers in America, and 34,930 of them work in warehousing and storage. Warehousing makes up the highest level of employment for this line of work, even though it only covers around 5% of shipping and receiving jobs. Other industries for these workers include electronic shopping, department stores, and equipment wholesalers.

Transportation and Distribution Managers

The fifth most popular warehousing job in America is that of a transportation and distribution manager. Professionals in this occupation are in charge of all major operations in the warehouse, making sure that employees and products alike are moving around as they should. There are only 106,000 storage managers in the country, and 9,070 of them work in warehousing. Other industries for this job include freight trucking, rail transportation, and deep sea transportation.

Every warehouse worker has an impact on the efficiency and productivity of the distribution center as a whole. With proper teamwork, great communication, and a commitment to customer service, warehouses big and small can conduct smooth operations time and time again.

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