The Importance of Cybersecurity in Warehouse Management

In the modern world, cybersecurity and warehouse management have to work hand in hand. The internet is used in nearly every area of the supply chain industry, from basic client communication to real-time inventory management and beyond. Third party logistics providers like Overflo not only have to focus on the exterior security features of their facilities, but they also have to ensure that the data infrastructure is well maintained from top to bottom. Let's take a quick look at how cybersecurity impacts warehouses in today's society.

Ensuring Consistent Operations within a Warehouse

All it takes is a little bit of malware to shut down operations in an unsecure warehouse. What may seem like a small glitch in the system can actually turn into a big problem when it comes time to make adjustments. With the proper security protocol in place, managers in various areas of the warehouse can make sure that their workers are operating at maximum efficiency. They do not have to worry about their equipment or data being compromised as a result of a security breach.

Preventing Data Theft

Data theft is more prevalent now than ever before, impacting major corporations all around the world. From basic information about inventory levels to personal details about individual customers, there is an assortment of data that must be guarded and encrypted to make sure it does not get into the wrong hands. Target faced a huge data breach back in 2013 that cost the company over $162 million in reparations. Since 3PL providers often handle order fulfillment services for their clients, they must do everything they can to protect personal data collected during the transactions. Luckily, Overflo employs the most advanced cybersecurity technology on the market to ensure that our clients and their customers are protected at every level of our operations.

Protecting against Shipment Theft

Another concern that comes with data theft is the potential it creates for product theft. For instance, if a criminal were to get their hands on the shipping details for an important set of packages, he or she would know the location where the products would arrive and when they would be arriving. In essence, the leaked information would provide a map and guide that gave the thief everything he or she needed to know to gather the package and sell it without the company's knowledge. With cybersecurity in place, this information is only exchanged between authorized members of the supply chain and shipping process.

Minimizing Fluctuations in Stock Prices

In many cases, leaked information about a company can actually have an impact on its stock prices. Banks are the primary victims of this, but fluctuations happen in every industry. In order to ensure that a company's stocks stay steady or on the rise, all aspects of their financial details must be properly secured. That happens at the warehousing level just as much as it does anywhere else.

Watching out for the Future

Criminals are getting more sophisticated with each passing year, but so are security companies. Here at Overflo, we work with the best cybersecurity systems on the market to make sure we're protected against any threats that may come our way. If you trust in us to handle your warehousing and distribution needs, you will never have to worry about how your information is stored or protected. We have firewalls and encryptions at every step of the process to make sure our clients are well cared for.

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