How a 3PL can support your business's seasonal sales cycle

Most every business today has at least one "busy season" throughout the year. Maybe your big moment is the Thanksgiving to Christmas rush, back-to-school madness, or pre-summer sales. Whatever the case, balancing rapid sales volume increase along with the rest of your business chores is often an overwhelming charge.

To assuage the demands and help keep things running like a Swiss watch, many companies count on the expertise of third-party logistics (3PL) providers. However, in spite of the clear benefits of partnering with an experienced 3PL company, some business owners see cost as a deterrent. But one look at this list of attractive advantages will make the decision much easier:

Time saver

If you've ever prepped for a big sale at your company, you know the time and effort required to make it a success, especially with staff and resources stretched thin. Hiring a 3PL service to take over critical business elements including warehouse duties, inventory management, packaging, and shipping frees you up to focus on marketing the big sale, preparing the store for customers, polishing marketing efforts, and stocking your most popular products.

Ditch the seasonal hiring headache

As a busy season nears, managers often must resort to a flurry of hiring temporary staff to handle an influx of customers, product management, and sales activity. This takes a tremendous amount of time and resources and sometimes leaves you with unreliable or unskilled workers. Say goodbye to those headaches by relying on the high-level experience of a 3PL provider. They can handle all hiring and training of additional staff to accommodate your needs, while allowing you to run your company unhindered.

Business evolving

Let's say your busy season is a booming success, with throngs of customers clamoring for your amazing products. That's great, but now you and your crew are stretched to your limits just to keep up; logging long hours fielding customer inquiries, shipping product, and appeasing vendors. This scenario could also take the opposite path, with very few sales, a handful of fickle customers, and extra staff just standing around.

A 3PL solves all of those potential challenges by remaining nimble and responsive to whatever your company needs. They become your reliable reinforcements so you don't have to do emergency recruiting, and when business slows down again you're not in the uncomfortable position of laying off staff.

Money saver

It's a tall order to ensure that every processing and fulfillment component of your business is dialed in to get product from your warehouse to customers' doorsteps. Multiply that chore by hundreds or many thousands of products and you have yourself a significant, and expensive, responsibility. Packing and shipping and customer response can be tough to keep up with.

A 3PL takes that burden away and allows you to channel resources your business needs. You pay the 3PL one rate and get the benefit of their valuable experience, shipping relationships, and flexibility with staffing. In the end, you save substantial funds while continuing to operate at a high level while growing your company for years to come.

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