Ensuring Seamless Order Fulfillment in Warehouses

The speed and fluidity of the order fulfillment process directly dictates the overall productivity of a warehouse. Without a proper transition between steps and transactions, there may be a massive delay down the line. Modern technology allows for truly seamless order fulfillment services, like the ones we offer here at Overflo. Let's take a look at tools and techniques warehouses can use to improve order processing.

Use Wireless Communication Devices

Wireless technology is far from "new," but many warehouses in the country still used line-based phones to communicate. This requires a worker to leave his or her station to speak with another department about a matter. Handheld devices and quick-access microphones let workers send messages to one another without stepping away from their tasks.

Use Wireless Item Scanners

As a piggy-back to the section above, wireless scanners are yet another way to improve the seamlessness of order fulfillment operations. Pickers, packers, and other employees can quickly scan the items they need and move forward to the next order. The technology connects with the real time inventory management system to keep the warehouse and the retailer updated about an item's location. If a worker needs to find an unfamiliar product, the information is easy to access right on the scanner.

Prepare in Advance for Peak Season Orders

Certain times of the year have an increased demand for order fulfillment because more products are being sold. The most noteworthy time is right around the holidays, but there are other big sales throughout the year that may cause a spike in shipments. Warehouses that prepare in advance for peak seasons already have the tools and systems in place to handle the heavy workflow. Employees are already trained before they get thrown into a high-stress environment, and the workforce as a whole moves in unison.

Find the Source of Slow Turnarounds

If one step in the order fulfillment process is causing a delay across the board, the warehouse must identify the source of the problem. The answer isn't always what one may expect. For instance, an old batch of forklifts may cause one department in the warehouse to work slower than the other. It looks like the workers themselves are slower, when the problem actually lies in the machines. By pinpointing what the root cause of the delay is, warehouses can move forward with seamless order fulfillment services.

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