What Are Drayage Services?

In the distribution industry, drayage services are used to transport goods over a short distance, usually in a single work shift. There are a variety of situations that may call for drayage services instead of long-distance freight and shipping. At OverFlo, we offer drayage services as part of our commitment to quality logistics and distribution solutions. Here we will provide an overview of what drayage services are so you can better understand this process and determine if it is right for you.

An Example of Drayage at Work

If you had a shipment that required more than one mode of transport, like a train and a truck, the "drayage" portion of the shipment would start when the shipment was unloaded from the truck to the time it was loaded onto the train. This may also include repacking the freight container or updating the shipping documents. The charges for drayage services should be worked into your distribution quote for easy reference.

Common Uses for Drayage Services

One of the easiest ways to think of drayage services at work is to think about shipments going to a shopping mall or store. If the mall or store is in an area where a carrier cannot logically get into, the shipment may be taken to a common loading down and distributed accordingly. This is often called a "drayage area," and it operates similar to a mail room in an office building.

Another example of drayage services is in the trade show industry, where vendors must move booths and displays from the loading dock to the show room floor. Rather than having the vendors do this individually, drayage services take over to streamline the process across the board. The drayage would include storing the shipping materials during the show. The trade show may take care of these services directly, for a high premium, with the prices usually based on weight for the displays.

How to Secure Drayage Services

If you are in need of drayage services as part of your shipping, freight, or cargo needs, feel free to contact OverFlo to learn more about your options. One of our friendly representatives would be happy to provide a quote for your order so you can get the most of your money. Don't forget to ask about our other distribution and warehousing services, including fulfillment services to keep your customer satisfaction levels high.

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