How Buying Made in America Products Could Transform the Country

American warehouses have been storing imported products for decades now, as companies seek to reduce their labor expenses by sending their work overseas. This may seem like it helps Americans by keeping the cost of products low, but the fact is that the economy could see a drastic boost if people bought "Made in the USA" merchandise more often. Let's take a look at how buying made in America products could transform the country for the better.

Increase in Job Opportunities

When the demand for made in America products increases, the job market improves across the board. Production plants must hire more workers to keep up with demand levels, and shipping companies must hire more drivers, sorters, and pickers to manage the orders. Manufacturing currently accounts for 12 million jobs in America, in addition to transportation and warehousing jobs to handle finished products. Imagine how much more this $6 trillion industry could grow if people sought out American made products more often. The possibilities are endless.

Better Quality Control

Overseas companies are paid to produce merchandise without much concern for the way they are actually made. Simply put, the focus is on quantity instead of quality, which leaves Americans with a bunch of low-end merchandise in their homes. Another issue to consider is the number of poisons and dangerous chemicals that come with imported goods, even if they are not intentionally brought into the country. By reducing the amount of items we bring into the country, we can effectively reduce our risk of contamination.

Lower the Trade Deficit

The U.S. imports more products than it exports, which means that we have a trade deficit. Even a small deficit leaves the country with a lot of debt to repay, but ours is far from "small." America increases its debt with every imported good it brings into the country, so much that 3% of our wealth goes to other country. Keeping manufacturing in America would reduce the amount of money lost to overseas production, which would ultimately mean more money floating around within our own country.

Higher Sense of Pride

America is a proud nation, founded on the belief of freedom and equality for all. What does it say about our country if we aren't willing to buy the products we make right from home? Buying American products is about more than just increasing the quality of our goods. It's about taking pride in our craftsmanship and high standards. This will boost morality throughout the country, giving us something to be proud of.

Protect the Labor Force Worldwide

Overseas factories do not have the same strict labor laws that we have here in the U.S. Workers put in long, grueling hours, only to make a fraction of what they would in America. Many countries allow children to work in their production lines, sweating through the heat just to support their families. By keeping the work in the U.S., we can make sure that the labor force is properly cared for, and we can reduce the pressure on workers in other countries.

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