Using Positivity to Boost Productivity Levels

Positivity plays a large role in worker productivity. Positive work environments encourage team members and team leaders to do their jobs at optimum efficiency. When warehouses and products lines are not operating to their fullest potential, it is often the result of negative reinforcements used by management in an effort to punish workers. This is a reactive approach, rather than a proactive one. Here we will explore some ways to use positivity in a warehouse to boost productivity levels and improve employee morale as a whole.

Reward Workers When They Do Well

Sometimes all it takes is a simple contest or goal to get workers to do their best. These goals are enhanced through a rewards system, where workers know that there is a prize waiting for them at the end. You could offer these on an individual basis, but ideally, you should offer it for the team. For instance, if one crew reaches a certain goal within a day, week, month, etc., cater a special lunch for them. If they manage to set a record high for production, give them all a bonus check. You can set these rewards to match your employees and your business goals.

Find the Right Job for Each Worker

Rather than focusing on what a worker is not doing well at, try finding a job that is better suited for his or her talents. A discouraged worker can easily spiral into a pattern of unproductiveness because he or she simply feels incapable of completing the task at hand. By offering a different position in the company, you give the employee a new chance to learn, grow, and prove himself to you.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

Stressed employees do not perform at their best. Stress alters the way our bodies operate, causing headaches, fatigue, digestive troubles, and a range of other physical reactions. Warehouses are naturally stressful places, but there are things you can do to keep stress levels to a minimum. Offer strong employee benefits so your workers do not have to worry about how they will pay for health insurance or what they'll do for retirement in the future. If you have room, put a small gym somewhere in the warehouse so people can work out before or after their shift. This is a great way for employees to release built-up tension and cleanse their bodies. Ask your employees what you can do to help them manage their stress, and put those suggestions to action.

Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

Employees are less likely to be motivated if they see themselves in a dead-end job. Create a path for career advancement that employees can take advantage of. Not everyone will work well in an advanced position, but simply having that opportunity is a form of positivity. This is once again a goal that your employees can strive to achieve, and you'll be amazed by the productivity that comes as a result of that.

Provide Supportive Services, Like Carpooling and Babysitting

Support your employees as much as possible. There are many programs you can instill in your warehouse to give your workers extra incentives to perform. For instance, you could provide after-school daycare services at the warehouse or an off-site location so workers do not have to worry about who is watching their children. You could also set up a carpool or shuttle service that helps workers get to and from the warehouse without excessive travel costs. As long as you communicate well with your employees and strive to understand their needs, you can ensure that they will work hard for you.

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