Black Friday Warehousing Tips

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and many stores have already released their ads. Like last year, these stores are extending their sale prices online to prevent chaos in stores. This is great for consumers, but it can create panic for warehouses that aren't prepared for the hype. Here are some Black Friday Warehousing Tips.

Stock Items Based on Last Year's Sales Data

Certain items will be in higher demand than others. You cannot fully predict which items will be hot this year, but you can get an idea based on last year's sales data. Use this information to stock high demand items in easy access places. This will allow for faster picking, processing and shipping, which will ensure the holiday season runs smoothly.

Train Staff Members in Multiple Areas

Your staff will need to be flexible to accommodate the Black Friday madness. Train existing staff members to work in multiple departments, and higher seasonal workers as-needed to keep up the pace. This is one of the most important Black Friday warehousing tips to follow because you do not want to overwork your employees. This will lower production levels and morale throughout the warehouse. If you have efficient teams that can handle fast-paced changes, you'll be set for success.

Do a Trial Run in Advance

Do a few trial runs before the big day actually comes. This will let you accurately predict how fast your order fulfillment will go, and you can fix flawed systems before Black Friday. You may need to reorganize certain parts of the warehouse or put your staff to work in different areas. Work out all the kinks so you can have a smooth Black Friday.

Prepare for Cyber Monday as Well

Black Friday isn't the only big day for retailers. Cyber Monday is as well. Since many stores are opening Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, you also have to consider the influx of orders that will come in then. Simply put, you need to make sure the warehouse is properly staffed throughout the entire weekend and the shipping season that follows. This is the biggest time of year for warehouses, shipping companies and stores alike.

Check Inventory Levels NOW

It's important to check and double check inventory levels well before Black Friday. If you wait until the last minute to reorder a product from the manufacturer, it may take weeks to get to you. This is a high-demand season for them as well. If you're having issues with your inventory management system, get them corrected right away. Your warehouse needs to be ready to go when the orders start coming in.

Talk to the Retailers

They know their customers and their sales better than anyone. Talk to them about their sales projections, and give them realistic expectations for shipping and delivery times. As long as you follow these warehousing tips and others you've learned from experience, your Black Friday can run like a well-oiled machine.

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