What does it mean to outsource fulfillment?

Running a business demands a great deal of strategic thinking, tireless dedication, consistent learning, and commitment to your customers. This a tall order, especially in light of today's increasing complexity and evolving consumer expectations. As a small company just getting started, it is entirely possible to meet those expectations on your own, perhaps managing orders from your basement or garage. But as your company grows and demands on your time do the same, the logistics component of your business becomes more critical and more difficult to manage.

It may be time to consider outsourcing your shipping and supply chain needs in order to fully focus on customers and running your company. Let's look closer at the benefits of teaming with a third-party order fulfillment provider.

Order fulfillment outsourcing defined

Simply stated, fulfillment outsourcing entails hiring a third party to handle specific components of the fulfillment process. This can include warehousing, inventory storage, packaging and shipping orders, and customer order tracking. Some companies also choose to outsource order returns.

Third-party fulfillment providers leverage their own facilities, technology, and workers to manage these services on your behalf; it's like having a branch office running all on its own and taking a significant burden from your daily chore list.

Find fulfillment solutions with a reputable 3PL

Instead of struggling to manage busy order fulfillment processes in house, a third-party provider can take over and contribute immediately to positive end results:

  • Inventory storage made easy-A rapidly growing company with a successful product often ends up with overflowing inventory and no place to put it. Customers still want your product and it's a big hassle to manage that task if inventory is in a storage space somewhere. A 3PL company can handle all inventory management and save you money at the same time.
  • Streamlined packing and shipping-Many variables are in play to successfully get your product in a customer's hands. All told, packing and shipping is time-consuming and costly. The margin for error is large and one misstep sends unhappy customers elsewhere. A solid 3PL company is steeped in experience and has the technology and knowledge at hand to ensure speedy and accurate product handling.
  • Keep the focus on your business-Logistics takes a lot of time and that is time you need to focus on running your company. You can't work on scaling the business and growing a customer base if you're burdened with inventory management and product shipping. Know when the time is right to delegate these chores to someone else.
  • Partner with experts-An established 3PL company has the infrastructure and expertise to handle complex issues as they occur and quickly solve them. As order volume and customer demand grow, you want a solid partner on your side to help keep your business stable. With an expansive network of shipping carriers, a 3PL partner can save you money.

Securing a reliable 3PL company is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make as a business owner. Doing it right will provide support for your company's long-term growth.

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