5 Ways a Fulfillment Center Can Help You Sell More Products

It's no surprise that working with a third-party fulfillment center will offer greater convenience and efficiency that managing warehousing, inventory, and order fulfillment on your own. What you might not expect is that using a suitable fulfillment service can actually help you to increase sales and overall profitability. Here are just a few great reasons to partner with a fulfillment center so you can sell more products.

1. Cost Reduction

When you partner with a fulfillment center, you can reduce costs in two ways. First, fulfillment centers can offer lower warehousing costs because you're only paying for what you use, as opposed to renting a dedicated storage facility that you may not fill, and paying extra for unused space. Second, you're likely to save on shipping rates as many fulfillment services have a network of domestic and possibly international warehouse facilities where goods can be stored and shipped from the nearest location.

Technically, this doesn't help you make more sales, but it does help you increase profits, and excess funds can be funneled into increasing production, expanding marketing efforts, or promoting your brand and your products, all of which could result in increased sales.  So, indirectly, saving money could help you to make more money.

2. Increased Reach and Faster Fulfillment

A fulfillment center can often help businesses to expand their reach by allowing opportunities to ship to areas they might not have previously considered. In addition, storing goods at warehouses across the country or even around the world can facilitate faster shipping to customers, increasing satisfaction. This, in turn, could increase overall sales.

3. Technology Integration

Using the latest technologies can only help to increase the speed and ease of fulfillment, allowing you to increase volume of sales. With the proper tools in place for inventory tracking and management, collaboration and data sharing through EDI and XML, and the use of RFID technology, you have the best opportunity to efficiently and effectively manage order fulfillment.

4. Customer Service

Not all fulfillment centers offer direct customer service, but when you hand off warehousing and order fulfillment duties to a third party, you could allow account managers to focus more on client support, as opposed to splitting their time managing order fulfillment. In addition, you may get goods to customers faster and at less cost, which is always a boon for customer satisfaction.

5. Time Savings

Perhaps the best reason to use a fulfillment center is that having other professionals manage your storage and shipping needs frees you up to attend to more important tasks. If you want to increase sales, you can't waste precious time worrying about managing your inventory or shipping goods to clients.

You need to focus on the big picture instead of getting caught up in the minutiae of daily operations. This is where a fulfillment center can help by taking the time and hassle of order fulfillment off your plate.

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