5 Warehouse Safety Concerns in the Summer

Each season brings about a new set of warehouse safety concerns. In the winter and spring, the focus is mostly on keeping cold air and moisture out of the warehouse. In the summer, the focus turns to the heat. In this guide, we will go over five warehouse safety concerns for summer that owners and management must keep in mind.

Workers Are Tempted to Remove Safety Clothing

When it gets hot, the last thing you want to do is have a thick layer of clothing on. In a warehouse though, that clothing is a necessary part of safety protocol. Workers cannot take off their steel toe boots, gloves, long sleeve shirts, googles, or other safety clothing because it could put their safety at risk. Employees who are caught removing safety clothing should be coached not to do so, and the warehouse as a whole should stay at a cool enough temperature to make that clothing bearable to wear.

Workers Get Tired Faster

With the summer heat comes summer sweat. Workers are likely to get tired faster during these months. Some warehouses increase the number of breaks each employee gets during the summer months so workers have a chance to rehydrate and re-energize. Regardless of breaks though, the warehouse should have cold water accessible to all staff members so they can stay focused and productive.

Equipment Gets Hot

Much like a car in the summer, warehouse equipment can get extremely hot at times. This may delay production as workers strive to cool off the equipment before using it. Machines like forklifts and pallet jacks should be stored in a cool area of the warehouse when not in use. Once again, the building itself should be kept as cool as possible to avoid major warehouse safety concerns.

Workers Lose Focus

Because of the exhausting nature of the summer, workers may start to lose focus at work. This is especially true when they get dehydrated because their minds have less fuel to work with. Increasing the number of breaks could combat this, or it may be necessary to expect lower productivity levels in the summer. Some effects of the heat are hard to fight no matter how much effort you put into it.

Natural Sunlight May Be Too Much

Natural sunlight is great for lighting a warehouse during the day. In the summer though, that sunlight may be too much to handle. The sun is out for longer periods in the summer, which means that more heat gets pushed through the warehouse windows. It may be necessary to shield the windows during certain parts of the day to keep the heat out and keep the energy bills down.

How to Address Summer Warehouse Safety Concerns

Every warehouse has its own issues that need to be addressed. Owners must consider the safety concerns their facility goes through and find effective solutions for them. In general, keeping the temperatures low and keeping workers hydrated will mitigate most summer warehouse safety concerns. Supervisors may need to plan for shorter shifts or adjusted hours to accommodate for the change in temperatures. With the right adjustments, any warehouse can stay successful in the summer.

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