Why precision is the ultimate key to logistics

In today’s light-speed world of ecommerce, customers are used to and in fact expect nearly instantaneous communication when shopping. When they make a final decision on a product and hit the buy button, they also expect that item to show up on the doorstep in a big hurry. To that end, it is extremely important for businesses to include a reliable and thorough logistics component.

Indeed, the logistics industry directly impacts commerce all over the globe, including online and brick and mortar. But not all logistics companies are created equal. Logistics is a complicated endeavor and in order to consistently provide the best service, precise operations must be in place every step of the way.

What does ‘precision’ mean in logistics? Formally defined, precision is a state of quality and accuracy and blended together, those elements become the driving force in the best logistics operations. Let’s look closer at how precision impacts everything from order accuracy to warehouse costs to shipping time.

Visibility matters

All reliable logistics operations count on visibility on a variety of stages. Your company has to be fully dialed in to product location, receipts, packing slips, shipping details, and much more. It all comes down to time management at the highest level and logistics relies on visibility to accomplish this. Customers then reap the rewards of your company’s reputation of on-time delivery every time.0

Shipping time

Shipping time is one of a company’s most critical performance indicators, gauging the time period from the moment a customer order is placed to when it is shipped and received. If there is a hiccup in the process resulting in slow delivery, precise shipping operations can help you set and execute accurate product shipping times going forward.

Accurate orders

Your customers of course count on receiving what they purchase. It doesn’t do your reputation any favors if a customer receives a new blender instead of the miter saw they ordered. A precise logistics operation has efficient supply chain metrics at its foundation, always with shipping and delivery in focus to ensure satisfied customers.

Warehouse costs

In the realm of time management, warehousing plays a big part. Costs involved include all monies required to move product to and from the warehouse. Common expenses entail everything involved in ordering and storing products, labor to manage inventory, and outbound transportation. With so many variables, precision is incredibly important in maintaining quality operations.

Accurate inventory

Inventory records are the straw that can break your warehouse’s back or lock in your best year ever. It all depends on an accurate accounting of what you have on the shelves. Naturally, if your company’s database doesn’t match what is actually in stock it will play havoc with customer orders, future business, and high management costs. Precise inventory records are critical in keeping potential issues at bay and most importantly, ensuring a loyal customer base.

Consistent advances in technology will initiate a veritable revolution in the movement of product around the world. While a majority will rely on automation, a precision logistics foundation will always drive a successful future.

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