Top 10 Warehousing New Year's Resolutions: Part 1

By now, you've probably set (and broken) numerous personal New Year's resolutions. That doesn't mean you should neglect the needs of your warehouse. There are plenty of steps you can take to improve your distribution center and your operations as a whole for the coming year. Check out these warehousing New Year's resolutions to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Explore New Inventory Management Solutions

As with any form of technology, inventory management systems improve every year. If you have not changed your software and equipment in a while, you may want to invest some time looking for new inventory management solutions that could improve your performance and provide better information in less time. EDI, XML, RFID – there are endless possibilities when it comes to technology integration. See what the latest programs are on the market and see if one would serve you better than what you're using now.

Consider Automating Your Services

You may be able to increase efficiency and decrease error risks by automating some of your warehousing services. Of course, you must weigh out the cost of automation and how much it will actually improve your day to day operations. Some tasks are best left to your employees, especially if you have a limited demand for a certain service. If the return on investment is high, you could greatly improve your productivity this year through automation.

Boost Employee Morale

Your employees determine how successful your business is. Without happy, productive employees, your warehouse is not going to run as smoothly as it should. Most warehouses know to take care of their customers, but some do so by sacrificing their workers. This year, put your focus on your employees and your customers will naturally be happy with the results.

If you do not already have a rewards system in place, create one. Reward employees with high performance levels, and make sure they realize how much you appreciate their hard work. Set up an employee of the month program for each level of your warehouse – managers, line workers, call center workers, etc. Examine your vacation program and other benefits you offer through your company. With the right adjustments, you could easily decrease your employee turnover rates and boost your morale at the same time.

Assess Your Safety Features

How safe is your warehouse? Is it protected against theft, fire, flooding, slip and fall hazards, etc.? Do you have security in place to keep your employees and your customers protected in your warehouse? There is no such thing as too much security, so chance are you have room for improvement somewhere in your distribution center. This year, take time to truly assess safety in every area of your business and determine if there are any areas you can improve upon.

Don't forget about your equipment and employee uniforms. Without the right shoes and clothing to wear, your workers may be at risk working with heavy machinery. If your equipment is old, faulty, or not working at all, it could also pose a risk to your workers. You have to take all of this into consideration to ensure that your employees are safe while at work.

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