Important Considerations for Food Warehousing

Food warehousing is a breed all its own. It's one thing for a warehouse to house plastic and wood products, but it's another thing entirely for the warehouse to support food people will eat in the future. There are so many safety precautions to consider for long-term, bulk food storage. Ignoring them could put your clients and your business's success at risk. Listed below are some important considerations for food warehousing that you should keep in mind.

Food-Grade Warehousing

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that your food is being properly stored is to look for a certified food-grade warehouse. This will be a storage facility that has been tested for sanitation, temperature controls, cleanliness, and more. AIB International and ASI Food Safety are two of the biggest name in food-grade warehousing certification. If your warehouse has been authorized by these organizations, you know that you are in good shape.

Overflo is honored to be ASI/AIB food-grade certified. We maintain the highest level of sanitation and cleanliness in our warehouses, so you can rest assured that your food products are in good hand. We run a continual safety and sanitation program in our facility to make sure that we uphold and exceed the superior standards set by AIB and ASI.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Food products have expiration dates, and those dates must be assessed before the food gets distributed to a buyer. If you have a poor inventory management system in place, you are not going to know when you need to change out your products or clearance them to sell quickly. Look for real-time inventory management that will let you keep an eye on your food products on a daily basis. Even dry goods with a long shelf life still need to be cleared out regularly. Your warehouse should have systems in place to keep you up to date with your food storage.

Easy-Access Location

Your food should spend as little time as possible on the truck on the way to your warehouse. Select a distribution center that is located near major airports, shipping ports, highways, or any other mode of transportation your food may be coming from or going to. This convenience will also save you money in the long run because your drop off and delivery drivers will have less traveling to do.

Storage Solutions for the Foods you Store

Make sure you invest in food warehousing that matches your individual needs. For instance, if you need to store mostly spices and grains, you will need a dry environment to preserve your food. If you need to store meat, you need to work with a facility that will keep the meat cold and healthy. The warehouse you use should largely be based on the types of foods you sell or import for your business. Think about this when selecting a warehouse, and you will find the perfect place for your goods.

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