3 important parts of warehousing logistics

Today's consumers want and expect near-instantaneous delivery of their merchandise and to that end, retailers and affiliated fulfillment centers must be on top of their warehousing and logistics games. Businesses are well aware of this trend in commerce and meeting the demand requires a highly organized, streamlined warehouse operation that inspires team energy driven toward a common goal.

What is warehousing anyway?

In various iterations, warehousing has been around for generations and while its foundation principles remain the same, related solutions have seen enormous changes. Everything from urbanization to ubiquitous online shopping has tremendous impacts on the warehousing world and in fact a robust warehouse and logistics process is a key component in business supply chains

Simply state, warehousing is the storage of goods before they are sold. Sounds easy enough but warehousing the "right way" requires laser-sharp organization on shipping and receiving sides to ensure safe and secure product storage; a system of quickly locating any item in the building; and tracking of arrival, quantity, future orders, and other applicable information.

With the majority of today's commerce taking place online, many products must be stored until purchase. When Joe or Lisa clicks the Buy button on a vendor's web page, a signal is sent to the warehouse or fulfillment center and worker (human or robotic) hightails it to the correct location, pulls the item, and prepares it for shipment. The same general scenario applies to traditional retail purchases, but product is shipped to physical stores for pickup.

In all cases, the best warehouse operations are overseen by a seasoned inventory manager with hands-on experience and a sharp eye for what makes a strong and productive team. He or she will also be adept at leveraging technology to make the most of every element of the logistics arena.

Three of the most important components of a top-flight warehousing logistics operation include warehouse management, operations, and management systems.

Warehouse management

Technically defined, warehouse management comprises the daily execution of overall facility operations including managing all staff from front office to custodians, hiring and training of staff, inventory and equipment management, safety procedures, and vendor relations. This is a very active position with many moving parts that evolve with growth and company demands. Some daily tasks include ensuring safety protocol is followed, performing warehouse audits, managing shipping of inventory, and obtaining required transportation documents.

Warehouse operations

Operations in a warehouse facility include everything related to the tracking and movement of product. Typical tasks include receiving and locating products into specific storage locations throughout the facility, labeled with easy-to-find identification markers or codes.

Management systems

Warehouse management systems, WMS, is a dedicated software to help manage a warehouse's daily operations. The software includes specially designed tools to help oversee and manage inventory movement while saving time and money. This type of solution allows insight into all activity at the facility and helps create optimal inventory tracking, distribution of work, shipping, and product tracking.

Establishing an efficient warehousing solution saves you money while meeting customer demand and internal company parameters.

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